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Senigallia to be discovered

Senigallia in the Marches Region owes its charm to a shining sea bordered by an endless and fair sandy beach which is separated from the city by tree-lined avenues and gardens.
This velvet beach, gentle and never overwhelmed by waves, so that even small children can safely wade out long distances from the shore, is the most delightful feature of Senigallia. But the city owes its touristic fortune to many other elements as well, for here the attraction of the sea goes hand in hand with the attraction of its monuments and works of art situated in an ancient and well-preserved historical centre; the pleasure of a healthy and restful, but at the same time festive holiday, is accompanied by the discovery of a marvellous hilly inland.

The Rocca Roveresca (1480) example of Renaissance military architecture of the square with round towers.

The Palazzo del Duca built in the mid-sixteenth century by Girolamo Genga and Bartholomew, the building is decorated inside by the beautiful coffered ceiling, painted by Taddeo Zuccari.

The Piazza del Duca was used as a place of military exercises and parades. For this reason, the so-called Fountain of the Ducks (or the Lions) is offset from the plan.

The Foro Annonario built in neoclassical style was chosen, among the many squares in the world, as set by premium car manufacturer BMW for example the spot of Serie 6 Convertible

The Portici Ercolani designed in the second half to 700

The Palazzo Mastai and Museo Pio IX, the museum established in 1982 preserves the memories and memorabilia of the Pope and a rich library Senigallia

The Church "della Croce", present the characters of late Renaissance style, sober, in contrast to the lavish baroque interior.

Archeological Area "La Fenice", during the foundation work of the New Theatre "La Fenice", in 1989, there were important finds from the Roman period. The archaeological site can be visited free of charge.

The Museum of Modern Art, Information and Photography that documents the relationship between word and image as a combination of information, with particular attention to the use of photography.

RAM - "Rotonda a Mare", reopened in 2006, this structure has the function of entertainment and tourist promotion of the region, imposing itself as a space accessible to all.

To inform you the online newspaper of the city is Senigallia Notizie

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